Create giclee prints on fine art papers or canvas from photos or artwork. Our papers are high quality mold made papers used for reproductions of artwork and fine art photography. Our primed weave canvas is engineered for fine art and photo printing. We utilize some of the latest HP printers, renowned for color accuracy and archival grade inks. We stand by the quality of every print.

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Thousands of artists and fine art photographers use Our services every year to produce accurate reproductions of their work. These orders are shipped directly to the artist. Because DittoXpression uses advanced color management methods in the production of every print, our artists are always confident they will get the best copy possible.  If you are an artist and want to start selling giclee prints of your work, be sure to check out "Getting Started with Giclee Prints" and "How to Order".


DittoXpression is an online, on-demand print service for casual artists to photo hobbiests to visual arts professionals of all levels. Upload your image, select the size and print options you want and checkout. We print the images you would LOVE... to hang on a wall.

Getting Started with Giclee Printing

A common question we are asked is how to get started and have DittoXpression print your original work. If you are an artist who wants to create prints of your original work as reproductions, the process might seem to get into some new territory. If you are a photographer, printing your work is probably more familiar.

Step 1 – Digitizing Artwork

Digitizing artwork simply means converting the original work into a digital image.

If you have photos and they were shot digitally than you can pretty much ignore this step. If you have old negatives, slides or even hardcopy photos, you will want to have access to a good scanner which is capable of scan the hardcopies you have. If you do not have a scanner, do some research and find a suitable scanner which is capable in scan what you have (slides, negatives, etc.).  Scanners will come with software which makes the process simple. Since you intend to have the digital image printed you will want to make sure it is digitized at a very high resolution. You scanner software should be able to tell you how to do this.

With artwork there are various means of converting an original into a digital image file. The most common method is to have the artwork photographed.  While we have written and discussed the process of photographing artwork, we recommend artists have this professionally done when possible. If you are comfortable behind a camera just remember several things:  shoot as high a resolution as possible with a powerful camera,  shoot with a tripod, use a consistent light source across the entire work of art, and make sure you are using a high quality lens so your image has good focus. 

Even better and more accurate than photographing is to have the artwork scanned with a large format scanner. While the principal is the same as scanning a photograph as described above, usually you will need to have a scanner that can accommodate the size of the original. You won’t be able to find one of large format these at your local office supply store so you will need to find a company that has one of these and can do this for you.

Step 2– Color Correct Your Image

Color correction is recommended if you want to get the most accurate reproduction in color especially if you had your artwork photographed instead of scanned.  Simply printing the image without the color correction process may still yield decent results but there is no guarantee it will be correct. All too often people base the colors on what they see on their computer screen, not realizing the computer may be giving them an inaccurate representation of the actual tones.

Fortunately there is a process which lets you accurately color correct your image. This process is called soft proofing. Before soft proofing you will need special hardware and software to calibrate your computer monitor. Once that is done you can adjust your image accurately with a programs like Adobe Photoshop.  A search online for soft proofing will yield a lot of information on this topic plus step by step instructions.

Step 3 – Ordering Online

 Once your work have been converted to a digital image (and color corrected if you so chose) you can start ordering prints from us via our web site. This involves uploading your image and choosing, type of print product you want to order, along with sizes and options. We can ship the printed work direct to you or you can have it shipped in your name direct to your own customers.

For additional information on printing your artwork, make sure you Contact us @ email: Many artists are having become successful in making reproductions of their work by simply becoming familiar with the digital imaging process.

How to Order

Are you ready to start printing your artwork or photos? DittoXpression was developed just for you. Unlike a photo lab, DittoXpression was created to meet the needs of artists as well as photographers. We started off by producing canvas prints, then began to include various art papers. The process we use is known as "Giclee" which are high quality prints known for their ability to display a wider range of tones can colors than more traditional methods.

Step 1 - Submit Your Image as a Digital File

The first step involves uploading your digital image which can be either a digital photograph, scan or artwork or computer generated graphic. Once you upload your file. If you are an artist you will need to have your artwork scanned or photographed by someone. We don't do that so you will need to find someone in your area that does.

Step 2 - Order Your Print Product Online

Printing your photos or artwork is easy with us. We usually complete production of your order in 2-3 business days and ship it based upon the shipping option you choose. It is so simple that even someone with very little technical knowledge can order. Simply do the following:

  1. Select the material you Would like your image to be printed on
  2. Select the size of the Image you Want to Print
  3. Upload Your Photo or Artwork
  4. Submit your payment to paypal Checkout Info & Confirm Your Order!

The actual ordering process takes only a few minutes depending on how long it takes for your image file to upload but once it does you are almost finished. Select the size and options you want and check out. And if there is any problems with printing your image we will let you know. And in the unlikely event we cannot print your image we will either refund your payment in full or try working with you to get a suitable image to us.

  Glossy/Matte Photo Paper Canvas Mounted Canvas (GalleryWarp)  
8x10 $ 8.00 $ 9.60 $ 28.60
Glossy/Matte Photo Paper
12x16 $ 18.60 $23.20 $ 40.80
16x20 $ 31.00 $ 38.60 $68.60
18x24 $ 42.00 $ 52.20 $ 85.80
Canvas Not Mounted
24x30 $ 69.60 $ 87.00 $ 140.40
24x36 $ 83.50 $ 104.40 $ 166.60
30x40 $ 116.00 $ 145.00 $ 228.80
Mounted Canvas
36x48 $ 167.00 $ 208.00 $ 323.20
40x60 $232.00 $ 290.00 $ 444.00

If you need any other sizes or materilas, please Contact us @ email:


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Welcome to DittoXpression. Our Photo Lab specializes in the best quality art reproduction, I can print ANYTHING that you can dream up and love to have it .I Create giclee prints on fine art papers or canvas from photos or artwork. Our papers are high quality mold made papers used for reproductions of artwork and fine art photography. Our primed weave canvas is engineered for fine art and photo printing. We utilize some of the latest HP printers, renowned for color accuracy and archival grade inks. We stand by the quality of every print . Thank you for visiting our new site